The team at Maxine’s Heavenly has been hard at work sharing the joy of cookies with the world. We’ve been doing other things too, like actually baking the cookies, putting them in our super cool new packaging, and preparing for growth in 2018.

Telling the world that you can have a cookie and be healthy too is not a one team job, and we’re very happy to have wonderful people helping spread the message like Vegan Business Talk and Vegan Lifestyle Youtuber, Sherelle McFadgen.

Here are a few other outlets talking about our cookies:

.ORGasmic loves our Pumpkin Pecan Spice cookies! “Everyone enjoyed this chewy, aromatic cookie.” You see that? EVERYONE! So get a bag for the vegan in your life OR for anyone who loves a good sweet treat in general. Better yet – get some for the person that thinks vegan food is gross.

This DELICIOUS flavor is only in the cookie rotation from October through December, so get it now before it disappears!

Mikey likes it!

Gluten-free Mike had this to say about the Pumpkin Pecan Spice, “I truly love the gluten-free oat base that Maxine’s Heavenly uses in their cookies and it was perfectly complemented by the rich earthiness of actual pumpkin. The addition of pecans and flaxseed add to the rich texture of these cookies that is rounded out by the spicy notes of nutmeg and cinnamon. All of the flavor are perfectly balanced and worked extremely well with one another without any of the overpowering the others — it was the perfect flavor profile in every bite.

If you do not get the Mikey likes it reference DO NOT TELL ME because you will make me feel old.

Billions of Vegans love our cookies

We were a featured product on recently. They described us as, “…the essence of drool-worthy yumminess of freshly baked cookies with nutrient-rich, wholesome ingredients. This brand demonstrates that cookies can be vegan, nutrient-dense, and delicious. We think they are a great way to spread some sweet cookie love.”

Sweet cookie love right back ‘atcha Bills!

VegNews finds us vegnewsworthy

VegNews recently named us This Weeks Must-Have. “This holiday season, we’re reaching for Maxine’s Heavenly cookies to get our fix. We love these soft-baked treats for their bold flavor and crave-worthy texture, but we also love that they are gluten- and refined-sugar free. They’re packed with big chocolate chunks, nuts, and raisins, but devoid of all the ingredients that typically make us regret scarfing down a whole bag.”

If you’re not drooling right now, you might want to get your tastebuds checked.


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