Happy Labor Day! Throwing a vegan party to celebrate? It’s easy to find delicious, cruelty-free recipes that everyone – even carnivores – will enjoy.

Apps and Finger Foods

Parties are all about things you can pick up with your fingers and eat quickly. There are lots of options that will please your party-goers:

Veggies and Dip. Cut up some celery, carrots, cauliflower, bell peppers, and radishes and set them next to a nice vegan dip. Try hummus (every vegan’s favorite) or a vegan ranch dip.

Cheese and crackers. I highly suggest Jillz Crackers and a Blöde Kuh cashew cheese. I’ve mentioned these delicious snacks before – my suggestion is the Tuscan flavor Jillz and the Truffle Fluff Blöde Kuh.

Chips and Salsa. Vegan tortilla chips aren’t hard to find and there are a ton of great dips you can make, like Cowboy Caviar, guacamole, vegan queso, and plain old salsa.

Those are all relatively easy snacks to throw together. If you have a little Martha Stewart in you and want to make some more exciting dishes, try these crowd-pleasers:

And of course, there’s always veganizing popular party foods like burgers and hot dogs.


It seems weird, but not all drinks are vegan. Did you know, for example, that Guinness used to be made with fish bladder? Yikes. You can look up the vegan status of your favorite beer, wine, or liquor on Barnivore.

For non-alcoholic drinks or mixers, try making spa water (I’m a big fan of adding some refreshing cucumber to my water), sparkling water, kombucha (you can get a keg from Kirk’s Kombucha if you’re in LA), and favorites like lemonade and iced tea.


Cracking open a couple bags of Maxine’s Heavenly cookies will work for any of your dessert needs, but for a summer party, add some vegan ice cream to make ice cream sandwiches. You can’t go wrong with regular vanilla sandwiched between two soft Chocolate Chocolate Chip cookies. Mmmmm.

Want more? Try Chocolate-covered Frozen Bananas or Lemon Bars.


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